Xmms-MPlayer Plugin

Xmms-MPlayer 0.5

Xmms-MPlayer 0.4

Xmms-MPlayer 0.3
Its been very little time since 0.2, but this release has enough new features to deserve 0.3

Changes from 0.2:
Next release will have support for output plugin. The audio part will be output through xmms output plugin!

Xmms-MPlayer 0.2 The new version has the following:

Get the source of the first release here

XmmsMPlayer is my attempt at an XMMS Input Plugin that allows you to play all MPlayer supported files in xmms. You'll need MPlayer properly installed and in the PATH. Also, you should have a pretty recent release of MPlayer. To be specific, it should recognise the -identify option.

Known Issues:

Next Release will have:

Please feel free to mail any suggestions/bugreports to nandan[@]cse[.]iitb[.]ac[.]in

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